Improve the judiciary of India

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My father was brutally murdered when I was 9 years old. 

My father Ram Sharan Saini, was a lecturer at a government school and the incident happened around 5 years ago.

On 19 July, 2012 my father was shot with a gun and snatched from us. My mother, at that time, was three months pregnant.

Though the police caught the murderer right away, but the court case is still going on. 

My father even made an official document that stated about the person who shot him, but still the court isn't announcing the decision.

We are not getting the justice. Justice that we deserve. Justice that all the people of the country deserve.

Today, we are suffering. Tomorrow, other people would too if the condition of the judiciary of our country doesn't improve.

A lot of cases in the country are still pending. Why? Don't we all have the right to justice? 

Sign my petition to help all those people like me and my family to get the justice we all deserve.

My little sister, who was never able to see her father deserves to know that the people who snatched the love of her father from her are punished for the crime they've done.

Through this petition, I want to make sure nobody goes through what we do waiting for the criminals to get their punishment.

Thank you for your support.

Shradha Saini