Capital Punishment for Rapists in India

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Rapes in India have been continuously going up !! Every morning in the newspaper when you read you find a rape case every now and then . Sometimes it says :

"A 26-year-old woman from Sikkim was raped by three men in a moving car on the Delhi-Gurgaon border, before being dumped in the capital. After being abducted at around 2 am in Gurgaon, she was raped for five hours and also threatened to kill."

"A college girl in Bihar’s Khagaria district was allegedly raped and then set on fire by her boyfriend inside her own home. It was reported on June 19 that the boyfriend entered her house, raped her then poured kerosene oil on her and set her on fire in Temtha Karari village."

"A 20-year-old Delhi University student was allegedly gang-raped by five men, including her friends in Faridabad, police said today"

"Offering ample evidence that women were not safe in Madhya Pradesh, three more cases of alleged rape and murders were reported from Dewas, Jhabua and Guna districts in the state in last 48 hours even as the controversy revolving around the gang rape of a college-goer in Bhopal continued to haunt the police."

And many more like this but how long we are going to tolerate this . This is a national issue. It relates to every home of this country and its citizen. It is we who can bring the change and can create a safe environment and a safe country for our wives , our sisters , our mothers and our daughters.

Every time victims are being investigated throughly and the culprit becomes secondary part of the picture . 

I want you to sign this petition as a favour for the country,your mom ,your sister and your daughter respectively. Let the capital punishment be given to the culprits so that they get lesson for their life and others who are even daring to think can become aware about the consequences of such a shameful act.