a strict law against male rape

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One of my friends, Sourabh Singh, a student of Chaibasa engineering college, Bokaro recently committed suicide or should I say it was a social murder?
Sourabh was an innocent college student who was physically and mentally abused by his college roommates. He suffered for 6-7 months and finally succumbed to it and decided to end his life. Before doing so,he wrote a long suicide letter in which he blamed his roommates for his death. He was not very strong physically and had been bullied for a long. We need to seriously question the notion of masculinity in our society. He was made fun of and called a gay in his college even when he wasn't. Did he really deserve this? Does anyone deserve this?  Where are we heading to? Be it a girl or a boy, no one is safe in this world. This guy was raped by his male friends. He deserves to get Justice and his voice needs to be heard. We don't know how many guys like him have suffered and there voice has been suppressed. Let's stand for all these guys and girls who have suffered. We talk about women's safety which is important but I guess it's time to talk about men's safety too.