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Supre : Stop sexualising girls! Pull "Jingle my bells" "Big Booty B*tches" and other sexualised slogan shirts from shelves

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Great news! Supre has issued a statement to Women's Weekly that they will withdraw "Jingle my bells" shirts from stores but has not yet made a commitment to withdraw "Big Booty B*tches" and other sexualised slogan shirts.

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Supre statement to Women's Weekly:

"Supré has responded with a decision to withdraw the "jingle my bells" t-shirt from sale in stores and online saying "we regret that the singlet in question may have alarmed [customers]" and has apologised to customers in a statement to The Weekly.

When questioned about the other slogan t-shirts referred to in the petition a representative from the Cotton On Group said it was just the one product that would be withdrawn at this time.

"That's the one we have had the most customer engagement around but we are reviewing all of the products in that collection and will make a statement when a decision has been made."

Supre must withdraw items that sexualise and degrade girls. Following community outrage Supre has now agreed to withdraw "Jingle my bells"shirts, however "Big Booty Bitches"…"Coconuts" and "Bitch don't kill my vibe" are still on sale. Supre must make a commitment to exercise corporate responsibility to its young customers now and in the future. 

Tween clothing store Supre has a history of sexualising girls through advertising and slogan shirts. In late 2009 Supre produced shirts with the slogans "North Pole Dancer" and "Santa's B*tch." Supre agreed to remove the shirts in response to complaints, but instead they discounted the items to $5 and placed them on the clearance rack.

Later it was found that they were selling shirts that said "Pussy Power" and "High Beams." Young girls may have been drawn to the image of the cute cat, not realising the meaning of the term "pussy power." "High Beams" refers to the visibility of nipples through a shirt. 

Why does Supre treat its young customers this way?

In 2011 Supre produced an advertising campaign for "Jeggings" which included in-store posters and an ad on the back of buses featuring an image of a topless young woman. An accompanying TV ad campaign for "jeggings" featured a young woman writhing around for the camera and running her tongue over her teeth. The bus ad and the posters were banned by the Ad Standards Board. 

Supre is now stocking shirts that say "Jingle my bells" and "Big Booty B*tches." 

Enough! This isn’t a store where adults get their clothes. It’s a cheapie chain frequented by flocks of young girls who should be allowed to enjoy their few short years of girlhood without being targeted as walking billboards for pornified messages about who girls are and what they are good for.

Given that Supre's target market is young to mid teen girls surely it’s time management paid attention to the research and concerns expressed by leading child psychologists about sexualisation. Girls are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety, body image issues and eating disorders. The annual Mission Australia Youth survey again listed body image as one of the top concerns of young people. It is these problems that Supre is contributing to through its irresponsible marketing and product range.  

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