Supporting UofT's Scholar-At-Risk Fellow in an Unprecedented Situation after MS

Supporting UofT's Scholar-At-Risk Fellow in an Unprecedented Situation after MS

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Started by Mahdi Khajeim


     I am UofT's Scholar-at-Risk fellow and a Ph.D. student, and my mind-blowing, unprecedented, inhuman situation has reached a level that I have decided to give my story large-scale publicity and disclose everything as nothing else has worked for me to get help despite my very extensive efforts. I am sharing my full story and all the documents with UofT members hoping once UofT and Dr. Jean Chen see many people support me in getting help, they value my claims and try to help me instead of ignoring me and treating me with hate and discrimination.

     Despite my status as UofT’s Scholar-at-Risk, sadly, just days after I confidentially informed my Ph.D. supervisor, Dr. Jean Chen, that I've suddenly developed a very serious illness (Multiple Sclerosis) and I need extra help and support, I got kicked out by her with dramatic hatred and shocking discrimination that I still have trouble believing. My full innocence, good academic standing, and unfair dismissal without justification have been all formally verified already by the SGS itself in a confidential investigation. Yet, my supervisor refuses to supervise someone that is ill despite explicit UofT policy (1,2,3), the law, for no reason and despite her extremely strong initial promises that she won't kick me out after illness. SGS also didn’t stop this, despite UofT policy, and despite their own conclusion that this is unfair!

     Sadly enough, given my fragile situation, through utmost inhuman attempts, my supervisor has extensively tried to even make sure I lose my Ph.D. after dismissal by resorting to the cruelest possible actions to damage me and block my research, out of hate. Despite my countless requests, UofT high-level admins like the Dean of SGS and UofT Vice-President, don't even agree to formally investigate my own complaints or even meet with me once, and only ruthlessly threaten me not to tell my story to anyone! (not even to get help!) otherwise, I will get suspended. The Ombuds Office has suggested that I sue UofT and my supervisor in court, but being ill with something serious, being international, and having an extremely unique personal situation (I am Scholar-at-Risk!), it is very hard for me now and it may not address my main request to get helped. All my countless attempts to get the slightest help by asking Dr. Chen and UofT admins in a heartbreaking way, to not block me from continuing my research on human grounds, have miserably failed as they don't care and do not ever respond. I just kept feeling so helpless.

     Instead of providing support, upon Dr. Chen's direct request and by ultimate inhuman misuse of his power and my heartbreaking situation with MS, the Dean of SGS (Prof. Barker), alleges that they have done a so-called investigation without my involvement and now I have to go to a hearing in UofT. The absurd inhuman allegations revolve around, why do I, many times, keep asking for help and my stuff, including my medical documents, back (Dr. Chen hasn’t responded even once!) and why do I try to get help to be able to continue my Ph.D. with MS by telling people and my own supervisor about my health condition so that they consider my unique situation! 

If you agree that this situation is inhuman and unacceptable and I should get helped on compassionate grounds please sign my petition below. I am sharing this petition as I hope after seeing that UofT community wants me to get helped, all the people involved including even Dr. Chen, start facilitating my situation and let me finish my research and graduate. Having MS and a unique personal situation, I am in a very fragile position and I care most about getting help not taking revenge.

     If you wish to know more, you can also read my letter to the UofT President as well in this link (~2 pages) or my full mind-blowing story with many details in this link (~30 pages) along with all the evidence attached and included. 

Please also share this with all your UofT friends (via Email, Social Media, etc) so that my voice gets heard by as many people as possible. I am super grateful for your support.

1,002 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!