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Solidarity with the longest standing peace vigil in the United States

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The White House Peace Vigil has stood with peace and against war and nuclear proliferation for 32 years, since 1981, 24 hours a day.

This little known story is one of triumph, hope, and dedication through the messages of Peace, Justice, Wisdom, & Honesty on earth. Knowing that such dedication exists, even in this day and age, may rekindle the fire of hope in people toward the idea, the very concept, of World Peace.

This story begins with William Thomas, who was a patriot, a dreamer, and a visionary giving 28 years of his life to the world before his passing on January 23rd, 2009.

Spending every day since its beginning at the Vigil, Thomas and his co-founder Concepcion spread their vision of world peace and taught hundreds of people about the threats and plagues which keep humanity from reaching it.

Concepcion has been the sole constant guardian of the vigil since Thomas's passing, along with the help of local activists at her and Thomas's home, The Peace House.
Over the years, the little umbrella vigil tent stood through rain, sleet, and snow and hale; through Supreme Court battles defending its existence and the people's right to speak.
With our government as bought as it is, The Peace Vigil stands as the only true representative of the people, by the people, and for the people which can be found in our nation’s capital.

Now, the woman who has dedicated her life to the rest of the world is in threat of losing her home, which serves as the only direct support network for the Peace Vigil.
On August 31st, if the vigil keepers are unable to raise the necessary funds to buy the house outright from the owner, The People's Embassy, as it has come to be known, will be put on the open market. If that happens, we can only guess what would happen to Concepcion or the Peace Vigil.

This is why your support is essential; all we ask is that people help spread the word about our story. The story of a few dedicated souls, who put themselves last and dedicated their lives to the message we all, truly and deep down, want for our families, our neighbors, our children, and our children's children...Peace and justice.

To find out more about The Peace House, The Vigil, or how you can help go to: (help); (info)

May Peace, Justice, Wisdom, & Honesty find you.

 The peace keeper team

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