Supporters of P​.​S. 132 Our Shining Star of Williamsburg!

Supporters of P​.​S. 132 Our Shining Star of Williamsburg!

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Supporters of P.S. 132 Brooklyn Our Shining Star of Williamsburg!

TO: PS 132 Staff, Parents, Alumni Families, and Community Members in a Brooklyn School in District 14. 

FROM: PS132 Parents and Community Friends Who Are Proud Supporters of the Shining Star of Williamsburg  

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P.S. 132 administration, teachers and staff serve the Williamsburg community with a great sense of love and pride. With one of the largest elementary school enrollment rates in District 14, it is evident that the majority of parents are pleased with the school. Our children benefit from being a part of a nurturing school community, where dedicated school staff, families and students work collaboratively to create a positive school experience for all.  P.S. 132 administration, teachers and staff members provide a nurturing, peaceful, safe, loving environment for EVERY CHILD.  Parent, student and teacher voice are valued by the administration and over time, many positive additions have been incorporated into our already vibrant school community.  We feel our children are well taken care of and safe when they are under the care of the staff of P.S. 132. Our school offers a rich curriculum which supports and meets the needs of every child.  

Sadly, a group of parents are spearheading an onslaught of complaints based on personal opinion, driven by personal agendas, that do not speak the truth of our entire school community.These individuals have been using threats and intimidation against any P.S.132 parent who opposes them. We do not agree with their tactics and feel it is time to defend the voiceless majority against their assault.  

At a time of such crisis, it is hard to believe people can be filled with such hate. Around the world and in our city, we have witnessed so many activities of life being cancelled. At P.S. 132, our children learn that love and kindness are not cancelled. Thoughtfulness and compassion are not cancelled. Neither is helping. Nor gratitude. It is the goal of this amazing group of positive parents that we can see that P.S. 132 community connectivity is alive and thriving too. Thank you in advance, each and every one of you, for your special contribution to our petition.

• Sign if you feel our school is your child’s “home away from home”. A place where administration, teachers and staff teach and nurture our children.
• Sign our petition to show support for P.S. 132 and end the negativity and urgently spread positivity and support for our school and its staff.
• Sign our petition if your child loves P.S. 132.
• Sign if you love P.S. 132.
• Sign our petition as a proud parent, family member, student or alumni of our wonderful school community.
• Sign if you feel our administration, teachersand staff deserve respect and support.
• Sign if you feel your children are safe and loved by the staff.
• We want the administration and staff to continue teaching and nurturing our children as they have been doing all along.