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Help Stop Big Cat Abuse!

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Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL is a leader in working to stop the abuse that occurs when big cats are privately owned and used for profit. Tiger cubs are constantly bred to make money from petting, photo opportunities and swimming with the cubs. The cubs lead a miserable life being carted around in filthy cages, often getting ringworm and diarrhea (which we've seen in undercover video supporters have taken), and are awakened repeatedly when they need sleep.

Then, in a few months when they are too big to pet, they typically end up in small, barren cages without mental or physical stimulation for the rest of their lives. This is a horrible existence for a highly intelligent, sentient animal built to roam hundreds of miles. It would be like locking you in your bathroom for the rest of your life.

Big Cat Rescue has received Charity Navigator’s highest four star rating ever since our first evaluation years ago. We are held out by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries as a model for financial and operating excellence.  Every year since its inception we have been awarded Great NonProfit's Top Rated Non Profit Award. 

Because we have been so effective in getting venues to stop allowing these exhibits and we are major backers of a Federal bill to ban private breeding and possession of big cats, the bad guys spend a lot of time attacking us on the Internet with false claims to discredit us. This includes occasional petitions on targeting sponsors who support us. 

These petitions generate only a limited number of signatures, but they require us to address the petition with the sponsor. All of our sponsors have understood that this happens because we are so effective – if we weren’t, the bad guys would not bother. But what we would like to do when these petitions arise is vividly show our sponsors that the number of people who care about these animals dwarfs by many, many times the number of people who selfishly advocate this abuse.

If you are one of the people who would like to see the abuse of big cats stopped, please add your voice by signing this petition. If you would like to help us pass the Federal bill by emailing your representatives (if you are in the U.S.) please visit

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