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Ensure Women Peacebuilders Have a Seat at the Table

In 2011, the Obama administration implemented the US National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (US NAP), which aims to promote women’s roles in conflict prevention in order to create conditions for stable societies and lasting peace. The US NAP states that the US government will work to “Ensure the inclusion of a broad range of perspectives from women to inform policy, strategy and programming decisions.”  

Despite this commitment, the voices of women leaders and women's organizations from affected countries were missing in the first-ever White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism in February 2015. In fact, only the last session on the last day of the summit listed “women” as a headline topic for discussion.

Gender equality and the inclusion of women in matters of international peace and security is not just an aspirational goal, it is a legal obligation and policy commitment of the US government and is proven to build better, more lasting resolutions. This entails ensuring that women, including from grassroots levels, fully participate in all decision-making, including at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.

Sign the petition asking the Obama Administration to honor its commitment to the full and meaningful participation of women in matters of international peace and security, beginning with an invitation to women peace-builders who are countering violent extremism in their home countries to help inform and participate in the next White House Summit on CVE.

  • Invite key women peacebuilders to contribute to setting the agenda for the CVE Summit in the Fall, and to the future White House CVE Strategy.
  • Invite key women peace-builders who are countering violent extremism in their home countries to present recommendations, research, and testimony to senior leadership at the Summit.
  • Schedule regular consultations between senior leaders in the White House, and Federal Agencies with the US Civil Society Working Group and with key women leaders countering violent extremism during the Summit.

Women and women-led organizations have effective solutions to address the challenge of violent extremism, and their meaningful participation is key to building lasting peace. A new report by the International Peace Institute shows that women's meaningful participation in consultations like the CVE means peace agreements are more likely to last.

Sign the petition to call upon the White House to meet its commitments by including women in the Countering Violent Extremism Summit.

Video courtesy of the International Peace Institute.

This campaign is lead by Peace is Loud. For a more in-depth look at grassroots women peacebuilders that we hope to see represented at the next CVE, please visit The Trials of Spring website. The Trials of Spring is a cross-media project consisting of short films and a full length documentary which tell the story of women on the frontlines of the Arab Uprisings in their countries. 

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