Support Ukraine!

Support Ukraine!

February 28, 2022
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Started by Dariya Kazumov

Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen of the United States of America,

We, a group of United States Citizens of Ukrainian descent, are appealing to you, our trusted Representatives in Congress, for your urgent support and aid concerning the citizens of Ukraine and its status as a sovereign nation, in light of Russia’s devastating invasion of the sovereign republic of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. 

Consistent with recent publicly announced U.S. Intelligence predictions, Russia has launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine via multiple fronts and from multiple directions, targeting several key ports and large residential cities under fabricated pretexts of “Ukrainian aggression towards Russian forces”. These actions ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin are a blatant violation of International law, hold consequences that reach far beyond Ukraine, Russia and even Europe, and could lead to an unprecedented international humanitarian crisis and the bloodiest international war since the Second World War. 

Russia’s actions must be met with immediate and comprehensive repercussions. Earlier, Russia stated publicly that they had not intended on occupying Ukraine, and only intended to disable and “de-nazify” the Ukrainian government and military force by targeting weapons sites, military equipment and complexes. However, statements from multiple reputable sources as well as numerous live video footage from civilians and journalists on the ground in Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities, confirm civilian injuries, casualties, and burned down and destroyed residential buildings and neighborhoods throughout Ukraine. 

President Biden said that Putin had chosen to carry out "a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering."  A U.N. refugee agency spokesperson told reporters in Geneva on Friday, February 25th that at least 100,000 people had fled their homes in Ukraine amid the Russian attacks, including 29,000 who have entered Poland. A worst-case projection by the U.N. said up to 5 million people could be driven from their homes.

The Ukrainian people are fighting bravely in the face of the Russian Army and Russian allies for the independence and sovereignty of their country. As former citizens of the USSR and the Republic of Ukraine, and as current citizens of the Free World, we are committed to mobilizing and doing all that is in our power to help free Ukraine and Europe of the threat of Russia’s delusional aspirations to reunite the former Soviet Republics under Russia.

We are calling on you to introduce a bill covering the following measures: 

  • Call for immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian and Belarussian troops from the territory of Ukraine.
  • Petition NATO to protect Ukrainian air space from all air assaults - planes, rockets, helicopters.
  • Initiate proceedings to invite Ukraine into NATO.
  • Designate Russian Federation as a terrorist organization and its leader Putin as a war criminal.
  • Begin proceedings in the United Nations to remove Russian Federation from the UN Security Council and from the United Nations.
  • Exclude Russia from the SWIFT international banking system.
  • Add Ukraine to the list of Countries with Temporary Protected Status.
  • Ramp up aid to Ukraine on all fronts - military, intelligence and humanitarian.
  • Demand that War Crime inquiries are opened immediately with modern technology allowing for unprecedented opportunities to collect video evidence for eventual prosecution.
  • Maintain and escalate sanctions on Russia and Belarus until the full territory of Ukraine, including temporarily occupied territories of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, is free from the forces of aggressors.

Thank you for your support during these times that are defining our civilization, as we know it.

United we stand!

Slava Ukraini!

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Signatures: 15,202Next Goal: 25,000
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