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Support Tougher Punishments For Law Enforcement Involved In Human Trafficking

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This past week Greek Police busted a human smuggling ring that smuggled several hundred women coming from Eastern Europe over the past several months, forcing them to prostitution.

Greek policemen also arrested four of their colleagues, suspected of having smuggled women, who were forced to sell their bodies in Athens' night clubs, Western agencies reported.

This is the biggest case of human trafficking in Greece in the past 15 years, a police source said, speaking under condition of anonymity. The same source specified that a retired police officer was among the arrested.

Those five officers controlled the human trafficking ring.

The fight against human trafficking is a battle enough without our law enforcement officials enabling the atrocity. We must ask our representatives to ensure that thorough investigations will be conducted when any officer/member is linked to aiding human trafficking and that those who are found guilty will be subject to the maximum punishments under the law.

The average convicted trafficker will only spend approximately 10 years in jail and a maximum of 20. This is clearly not the appropriate punishment for rape, sodomy, kidnapping, forced slavery, etc., especially for those who were in position of authority and could have put an end to even one woman or child's victimization.

Please ask that stronger, tougher punishments are given to those who take part in human trafficking, especially those who we have entrusted to save those currently suffering and yet, either choose to look the other way or profit from the victims' torment.

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