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To meet the challenge of climate change we must harness the power of our oceans.
The UK has abundant tidal resources that can provide clean energy 24 hours a day, forever, contributing to a greener future for our planet.
As the global leader in the tidal energy industry, the UK needs to secure the potential jobs and economic benefits for Britain’s future. The UK has 50% of Europe’s capacity to create Tidal Stream Energy which will help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 2050 and create at least 20,000 jobs.

We cannot lose this opportunity at a time when the demand to build world leading industries and take action against climate change is needed most.

Please help us to get over 100,000 signatures on this petition to encourage the UK government to act, and provide investment that will deliver low cost, predictable green energy and give the UK opportunities for economic and employment growth in turbulent times.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS - Tidal Stream Energy is the only predictable form of renewable energy in the world, with the ability to produce energy 24 hours a day - and can help the UK in its mission for zero carbon emissions by 2050.

SOCIAL BENEFITS - A new tidal stream industry could bring at least 20,000 jobs to the UK by 2030.

ECONOMIC BENEFITS - Tidal Stream Energy is inexhaustible, with extensive and powerful tidal areas across the UK, at least 50% of the European resources. A new tidal stream industry could bring countless export potential across the country by 2030.

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