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Support the Youth Manifesto to inspire change for blind young people

The Royal London Society for Blind People’s Youth Forum are calling on you to support the country’s first ever Youth Manifesto.

We created this document because it is about time that the views of blind and partially sighted young people are given their own space.

Twenty-five per cent of people living with sight loss are dissatisfied with their life overall. The Youth Manifesto (which you can download from is a summary of what we believe needs to happen to change this figure.

It highlights what we as a community feel are our greatest challenges - employment, education, transport and diagnosis support. And it outlines how we propose to tackle unbelievable stats like:

- Only 8% of blind and partially sighted people say they were offered any formal counselling when they were diagnosed with sight loss.

- Only 44% of vision impaired students got 5 A*-C at GCSE compared to 70% without a special education need.

- Nine out of 10 employers rate blind and partially sighted people as either ‘difficult’ or ‘impossible’ to employ.

- Ninety per cent of those who lose their sight in youth won’t work for more than six months in their life.

The manifesto will be the basis for further action by the RLSB Youth Forum. Over the next year we will be encouraging RLSB, government and businesses to take our ideas on board and implement them.

This is a manifesto that is straight from the heart and goes straight to the heart of the challenges we face. We want serious consideration by every politician and person who can influence the solutions we are asking for.

Please back our work as we strive to make changes to improve our lives and the lives of future generations of vision impaired young people.
Pledge your support to our manifesto today. We can’t do it without you.

RLSB Youth Forum

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