Support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act #SBJSA

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Support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act #SBJSA

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Mayor of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and

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Started by TakeBackNYC

This petition calls upon Mayor de Blasio, New York City Council Members, and Speaker Mark-Viverito to unequivocally support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (File #: Int 0402-2014), the only real solution to ensure that we are saving our small business jobs and local economy by allowing our small business owners the right to: 

A 10 year minimum lease, with equal negotiating power as the landlord for new terms

An end to the ever-changing yearly burden of landlords passing on their property tax expenses

An end to rent-gouging and exorbitant rent increases

The largest employer of New York City residents are its 185,000 small businesses. Today a majority of New Yorkers rely on a steady job from our local employers to survive the increasing cost of living in NYC. Yet, the most secure jobs for low and middle income New Yorkers are being lost every day as our long established core businesses are forced to close when their leases expire.

The reality is New York City faces a jobs crisis that our elected officials must address right now. NYC’s job creators are in trouble and fighting to stay in business. Exorbitant rent increases and no rights when it comes to negotiating fair lease terms with their landlords are driving our local economies into the ground. 

Finally, a real solution has been presented that will give our local entrepreneurs the single most powerful tool to stay in business and save jobs: equal rights in commercial lease renewal negotiation. If our small businesses face a crisis, their employees face a crisis, and that means we all face a crisis. Give small business owners rights and you give their employees rights to stability and opportunity. 

You have a real opportunity now to do what’s right for your City and our local community. On behalf of NYC’s single largest employer, revenue generator, and backbone of our neighborhoods, we ask that you support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act. By doing so you will save our jobs, save our small businesses, and save our economy. 

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This petition had 5,429 supporters

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