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Support the Santa Clara County Jail Hunger Strikers

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To Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith:

As you know, hundreds of inmates in the county jail, many whom are pre-trial detainees, are currently on a hunger strike -- a remarkable act of self-sacrifice to call on urgent changes. 

We -- local civil rights organizations, families of the incarcerated, county residents, and advocates for justice beyond our region -- collectively call on you to honor the demands of the hunger strikers. They have been starving themselves since October 17, 2016 and not ordering from commissary until the demands are met. Read their collective letter here.

As you saw from the letter they mailed you, the demands of change, and their proposed solutions are: 

  • 1​. END​: Meaningless Classification Review and biased Appeal process.

    (A)​ Incorporate Classification practices of other Jurisdictions (CDCR, Alameda Co. etc.) ​
    (B)​ Establish Independent oversight and review
    of inmate appeal process, Jail conditions, practices and policies.​
    (C) Safeguard all due process protections.
  • 2.​ END:​ Placement in Solitary Confinement when there exist no serious rule violation to merit such placement. (​ A) ​Prohibit the use of long term/ indefinite Solitary Confinement. ​
    (B)​ Prohibit the use of Solitary Confinement based solely on gang allegations , affiliation, validation, etc.

    (A)​ follow the classification and housing practices of other jurisdictions (CDCR, Alameda Co. Etc.) ​
    (B) ​Allow all inmates a genuine Opportunity to be down classed and properly integrate into the general population. ​(C)​ Classify / house all inmates based on individual behavior. 

  • 3.​ END:​ The policy / practice of denying inmates sufficient clothing.


    (A)​ Establish policy that promotes proper hygiene.
    (​B)​ provide two sets of tops/bottom , three sets of under clothes, and sufficient clothing change.

  • 4.​ END:​ Jail profiteering and exploitation of prisoners and their families through contract bidding of commissary vendors based on kickbacks and political incentives for campaign contributions.

    (A)​ set commissary prices equal to or cheaper than those set in (CDCR). ​
    (B) ​Approve more packaging vendors to create a competitive and fair market.
  • 5. ​END:​ Recidivism and misappropriation of inmates welfare funds.

    SOLUTION:​ ​

    (A)​ Expand and provide constructive programming and privileges for all inmates regardless of classification status.​(B)​ Create opportunities to engage in meaningful self treatment work, education and other activities relating to having a sense of being a part of the community in preparation for re­entering society, for all inmates.
    (C)​ Reallocate inmate welfare funds toward education and rehabilitation programs in Santa Clara County Main Jails South/North.

These demands by the Prisoners Human Rights Movement (PHRM) should be responded to immediately.


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