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Support the Reproductive Healthcare Act!

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Rhode Island can fight back against Trump’s extreme anti-reproductive rights agenda by passing the Reproductive Health Care Act. Let your legislators know you support codifying the tenants of Roe vs. Wade into Rhode Island law. 

Rhode Island residents overwhelmingly support keeping abortion safe and legal.

  • In January 2017, the independent Pew Research Center found 63% of RI residents supported keeping abortion legal in all/most cases, versus only 31% who opposed.
  • That means Rhode Islanders support protecting abortion rights by a two-to-one margin, even higher than the national average.

The Reproductive Health Care Act will protect Rhode Islanders’ reproductive rights by ensuring abortion remains safe and legal, no matter what happens at the federal level.

  • This legislation replicates the central tenet of Roe vs. Wade. The Act clearly states that “the state shall not interfere with a woman's right to prevent, commence, continue or terminate a pregnancy before fetal viability."
  • The term fetal viability is the appropriate medically recognized term, used in U.S. Supreme Court cases.
  • The Reproductive Health Care Act also specifically says that it shall not change § 23-4.7-6 which is the section on parental consent for minors, nor will it change Department of Health authority to oversee licensing of health care facilities or providers.
  • Federal law bans so-called “partial birth” abortion. Rhode Island law cannot pre-empt federal law.
  • Essentially, this law safeguards the concept that medical decisions are between a patient, her family, and her medical provider.
  • Far from extreme, this legislation puts into Rhode Island law existing mainstream judicial thought as regards abortion.

Rhode Island Needs to Act NOW to Protect Reproductive Rights Because…

  • RI still has unconstitutional abortion restrictions on the books
  • RI received an F in the 2016 NARAL Pro-Choice America report on states’ reproductive rights laws
  • RI is the only New England state rated as “hostile to abortion rights” in New England by the Guttmacher Institute

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