Support the Opening of a Community Residence for Adults with Special Needs in Dix Hills

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Please Join Us in Our Support for Adults with Special Needs in Dix Hills and Sign Our Petition for the Opening of a DDI Residence in our neighborhood.

Anyone who has a friend or family member with special needs knows how important it is to have a supportive community. On this note, the Developmental Disabilities Institute, a non-profit organization, has proposed to open a residence for six adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities in Dix Hills. Unfortunately, there are some who do not welcome adults with special needs into our community and are actively opposing this residence. Therefore, in accordance with the accommodating spirit of our neighborhood, we would like to affirm our support for the planned Residential Home.

We appreciate the great work that DDI does to help children and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Our community values acceptance and caring for others, and we are enthusiastic about the proposal to help these six men in our neighborhood. Special Needs children grow up as part of our community and they should not need to relocate upon reaching adulthood, which would sever their ties with family, friends, and caretakers.

Dix Hills is known for its Special Education programs, and already has Special Education staff that commute to our neighborhood daily. This has never caused any disruption before and there is no reason to presume that the establishment of a small Residence Home will increase traffic in the area.

This residence home will provide opportunities for Special Needs adults to succeed and to integrate into our community as our neighbors and co-workers. We in Dix Hills are happy to welcome these six men into our community; therefore, we support the residence at 12 Campbell Drive, Dix Hills, NY 11746.

It is unfathomable that some people are opposed to welcoming these six men with special needs into our community. Please make sure to sign and distribute this petition so the residential home will be opened.