Petition Closed

After serving their country, the least veterans deserve is a place to live and help transitioning back to civilian life. Yet 1 in 4 homeless people in this country are veterans. Imagine an alternative, a place where at least 400 homeless veterans can get education, training, and a shelter focused on meeting their needs. Knoxville, Iowa could make that a reality with the creation of National Veterans Recovery Center.

The proposed location is a former veterans' hospital that boasts 163 acres and 39 buildings, plenty of space for on-site training and treatment, and possibly enough space to offer more beds after the center establishes itself. Each veteran would be able to stay for up to two years. Unfortunately, the veterans' organization isn't the only group with an eye on leasing the property. An investor group and a college are also interested in securing the government's long-term lease. Let's make sure the National Veterans Recovery Center finds a home and that homeless veterans get the center they deserve.

Letter to
Mayor of Knoxville Don Zoutte
The proposed National Veterans Recovery Center will transform the lives of hundreds of homeless veterans through education, training, and treatment. Knoxville's spacious former VA hospital is the perfect home for this center. I believe that you, with your background in the Air Force and Army Reserve, want to do what is right for America's veterans. That is why I'm urging your to support the National Veterans Recovery Center's bid on Knoxville's former VA hospital.

Please assist Bob Krause as he spearheads this project. Accept the veterans group's bid on the property. And tell the nation that in Knoxville, Iowa, the well-being of veterans matters.