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Support the National Container Deposit Scheme to clean up plastic bottles.

Australian government is considering whether to introduce a container deposit scheme. Of the 13 billion of bottles that get purchased only approximately 25% get recycled. The rest are landfilled or littered. They form a large part of our visible litter and are also a large loss of resources of plastic, metal and glass that could be reused, thereby saving Australia from importing more virgin materials. The scheme would generate millions of $ from unredeemed deposits. Many community groups and sports clubs would earn considerable funds from this. Many jobs would be created to operate the recycle centres. In SA they have a deposit scheme and have over 80% bottle recycling. The drink companies oppose this vehemently with national TV ads and lobby government to mislead the ministers and consumers on this issue. Why? It has little cost to them as they pass on the deposit charge. We need to tell the government to support this bill.

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