Let's get the kunanyi/Mt Wellington Cable Car moving!

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We call on the Minister for State Growth, Hon Peter Gutwein MP, to urgently grant the proponent Mount Wellington Cableway Company any and all permissions required to conduct investigative works. 

We also call on the Minister to remove any impediment to allow the proponent to finalise their proposal for assessment through the normal planning process and provide the Tasmanian public with detailed information.

In September 2017 the Tasmanian Parliament passed legislation to facilitate the project. This legislation, which was supported by a formal petition signed by 5,300 Tasmanians, allows the Minister to take action now.

The Department of State Growth is on record as stating "A cable car project in kunanyi/Mt Wellington Park has the potential to support significant investment in the State and to create new jobs in both its construction and operational phases."

We believe Tasmania will benefit from this sustainable, environmentally-responsible proposal. We request the Minister work positively with the proponent to get it built.

We want the Minister to know there is widespread community support across Tasmania.