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This petition has been started not to criticize anyone, but because the brewery needs your support...

Every day at the brewery we are asked if we serve food. We don't, but we do allow patrons to bring food in from other restaurants or the farmers' market and we also refer patrons to restaurants that carry our beer (Gan Inn, Socialist Pig, Maple Leaf, Wheel and Anchor, Spoon and Brassie).

This year we want to introduce food at the brewery using a food kiosk on the edge of our patio (see pic), which will allow us to prepare food on-site and meet the public health requirements. We have a local person who has agreed to operate it so the brewery can focus on beer. The food will be lighter fare, sandwiches, wraps, burritos, the type of food you would get at an urban food truck (don't get me started about food trucks in Gan).

The kiosk will generate two more jobs during the summer season and generate more income for the brewery (so we can pay our municipal taxes and water bill!).

Unfortunately the town is not sold on the idea. (One senior person at the town said it was "a friggin' ugly shed, get rid of it!"). The town says that they have had complaints and within two hours we had a letter from the town asking us to move it and to submit a Class II development permit application, architect's drawings, and a $700 application fee. Our proposal goes to the Town's planning advisory committee at the end of May. Aargh!

This kiosk is 8' x 12' so it is under the requirement for the building code, it is not attached to the ground or the existing building, so a building permit is not even required. It will comply with all public health requirements. It is an Amish shed built on skids so we can move it if required, we can take it to beer festivals and special events. It is kind of like a very swanky ice fishing hut, and it is being fitted up with a kitchen inside.

Anyway, we need members of the public to say they support the idea of the food kiosk. If you could click on the link below it will send an email to the Town clerk and key staff.

We are not looking to pick a fight with the Town, we just want to make sure that the voices opposed to our proposal are balanced by the many people in and around Gananoque who support the brewery.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please pop by if you have any questions. If you want to see the friggin' ugly shed it is at the bell tower mall at the back near the laundry!!

Bruce Davis
President and Instigator
Gananoque Brewing Company Ltd


If you click on the button this is the letter that will be sent to the town officials...

To: Town of Gananoque

I support the Gananoque Brewing Company's proposal to put a food kiosk on their patio. The brewery is a benefit to the town, it is an attraction for visitors, and a good place for "locals" to enjoy the local beer and welcoming environment. It creates local employment and also spends money on local suppliers.

The Town of Gananoque should encourage businesses like the brewery to invest in our downtown and should support the brewery's plan to introduce food.

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