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Co-sponsored by Sen. Casey and Sen. Schumer, to amend the Safe Water Drinking Act to repeal Bush Administration exemptions for hydraulic fracturing.

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On behalf of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats, I write to you today to request your support for the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals (FRAC) Act of 2009 (S. 1215/H.R. 2766), authored by our U.S. Senator, Robert P. Casey Jr. Recently, the PAYD Executive Board unanimously adopted a resolution to support Senator Casey’s legislation, which removes the Bush Administration exemption for the gas and oil industries and requires them to disclose what chemicals they use when drilling a Marcellus gas well. The gas and oil industries current exemption jeopardizes the public’s health, safety, and welfare because the fracking process will contaminate community drinking water wells.

We also encourage you to explore developing legislation, which requires an energy company or contractor to de-contaminate all out-of-state drilling equipment brought into the Commonwealth, and regulates the return disposal of polluted frack water. The Dunkard Creek tragedy reminds us that such a piece of legislation is absolutely necessary to protect our streams and rivers, some of which in Appalachia’s “coal country” are already in a unique and fragile condition and thus, cannot be exposed to evasive materials from other areas of the country that have already proven to be catalysts for disaster.

Marcellus shale resources will hopefully create thousands of new jobs for Pennsylvanians. Adopting Senator Casey’s bill will be an important step to make sure we develop this resource responsibly, without compromising the public’s drinking water, or the well-being and progress of our rivers and streams. I hope you will join the Pennsylvania Young Democrats in supporting the FRAC Act of 2009

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