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Support the efforts to build a memorial to the 96,000 men of the Chinese Labour Corps.

This is not a petition for money, but rather for recognition. We ask the British government to support, by whatever means practical, the establishment of a UK memorial to the 96,000 volunteers of the Chinese Labour Corps who assisted Britain in the First World War.

As we commemorate the centenary of the First World War forgotten stories are emerging. The story of the Chinese Labour Corps - a force of 96,000 volunteers is one such story.  

 It is difficult to imagine that, of 43,000 UK memorials to the First World War, not one commemorates these men. They have been routinely forgotten, or relegated to a footnote in history.

 These men deserve better, and our nation's promise, never to forget, should apply to them, as to any other. 

 Please support us in ensuring we remember these men. We're on Twitter and Facebook. Join us.


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  • Minister for Culture, Media and Sport
    The Rt Honourable John Whittingdale MP
  • Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for Civil Service & Conservative Party Leader
    The Rt Hon David Cameron MP

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