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The Domes is a Davis landmark, a vibrant community, and a hub for social and environmental innovation at UC Davis.  With a nearly 40-year history of sustainability, participatory democracy, and cooperation, the Domes is a valuable treasure to UC Davis, the state of California, and the global community that must not be destroyed.

For these reasons we support residents’ desire to stay on the historic site, cultivate their gardens, maintain their homes, and nurture their community.

We are urging UC Davis to work with the affordable plan developed by a coalition of students, faculty, and community leaders to strengthen the Domes community and property through a third-party, nonprofit manager.

Letter to
Chancellor Dr. Linda Katehi
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Fred Wood
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning Mr. Robert Segar
and 2 others
Vice Chancellor of Adminstrative and Resource Management Mr. John Meyer
Director of Student Housing, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Ms. Emily Galindo
I am writing to voice my support for the student community at the Domes and to ask you and your fellow UC administrators to allow the Domes community to remain onsite until a long term plan has been developed.

I urge UC Davis to work with the proposal developed by faculty, student residents, and the Solar Community Housing Association. This proposal provides an economically viable solution to address code compliance issues, while preserving cultural continuity for the Domes community.

The Baggins End Domes community has been a hub for environmental and social innovation for 40 years. The Domes is a landmark for the city of Davis and an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to UC Davis. The loss of this inspiring community would be a tragic mistake at a time when innovations in sustainability and community building are needed more than ever.


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