Berriman Ranch traffic control petition

Berriman Ranch traffic control petition

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Why this petition matters

Started by Pete Sabine

Attention Carriage House and Gazebos neighbors...
We will experience a SIGNIFICANT change to the original quiet cul-de-sac character of our neighborhood if we allow vehicle traffic to access Freeman Lane and Taylorville Road via Picadilly Lane through Berriman Ranch. 

We need the support of the Grass Valley City Council to prevent this from happening and preserve the character of our neighborhood. Most people will take the shortest and/or fastest route to go anywhere and apps like Waze make it easy to do so. 

The simple solution to retain the original character of our neighborhood is to demand the installation of a permanent metal gate across the road that connects Phases 1 and 2 with Phase 3.

The gate can remain closed with a latch that can be opened by first responders and neighbors for emergencies and fire evacuation when necessary. This is a very common approach used in most modern subdivision projects of this type and size. 

This is a low cost and effective solution for unnecessary additional vehicle traffic. 

This is a viable and reasonable requirement of the developer and the City to mitigate the increase of traffic from Berriman Ranch Phase 3 neighbors as well as others who will eventually discover and use this shortcut traffic route. 

Please sign this petition to support this proposal to control excessive through traffic in our neighborhood. 

29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!