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Support Desmond Tutu at Gonzaga University's 2012 Commencement ceremony.

Gonzaga University is a community that thrives on the seeking of the betterment of humanity and supporting social justice activism on a national and international scale. Being graced with the opportunity of hearing social activist and Nobel Peace prize winner, Desmond Tutu, is both an honor and privilege. Regardless of personal views, Archbishop Tutu has done numerous good for humanity and should be welcomed into the Gonzaga community with open arms.

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Support the Archbishop Tutu at Gonzaga!
According to Gonzaga's mission statement, we as a Jesuit institution utilize elements of the Catholic faith "within the sphere of free intellectual inquiry" in furthering our education. To uninvite Tutu, as alumni Cindy Omlin advocates in her 04/04/12 letter in the Gonzaga Bulletin, clearly goes against our mission. Gonzaga is a progressive university motivated through social justice; in following Omlin's thinking, we should 'uninvite' all faculty and students who do not practice/believe each element of the Catholic faith. Our school is bolstered by her diversity, both in race and beliefs. Regardless of whether any of us support homosexuality or abortion, we should all be open to the ongoing debate. Silencing anyone, Desmond Tutu no less, is counter intuitive. We believe in Gonzaga, we believe in our mission, and we believe in the Christian practice of love that Tutu so deeply embodies.

Feel free to comment about why you support Tutu's presence at Gonzaga and share it with those that also support him!

Brittney and Amy

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