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You shouldn't need a Ph.D. in chemistry to make safe purchases at the checkout counter. But America's toxic chemicals law is so badly broken that many common household products -- from household cleaners to computers to carpeting -- could expose you and your family to potentially dangerous toxic chemicals. We need your help to make sure your Senators know that protecting American families from exposure to harmful chemicals is important to you! Take Action: Urge your Senators to support stronger toxic chemicals controls.

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I am deeply concerned about the continued use of toxic chemicals that we know are dangerous and the even larger number of untested chemicals that appear in a broad range of consumer products from carpets to computer screens and from baby products to couches. Every American alive today has hundreds of hazardous chemicals flowing through our bodies. The dangerously weak Toxic Substances Control Act is badly outdated and in need of major reform. We need strong new legislation to ensure that chemicals are safe before they are released to the public in everyday consumer products. I hope you will make this a priority and work with your colleagues in Congress to protect our families from exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals. Pass strong chemical reform legislation now! Thank you.