Companion Animal Theft Laws: Gus's Law

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On Oct 4, 2017, our beloved family dog Gus was stolen from the safety of our front yard in Indiana. The thief was arrested and sentenced according to Indiana monetary theft law based on the property value of Gus.

The only reason the thief received a minuscule sentence was due to the fact that Gus was an English Bulldog who cost $3,000. The pain, suffering, grief, and despair this caused our family including 3 young daughters and Gus was far more than the punishment the convicted thief received.

Family companion pets, regardless of cost or breed should not be viewed as property with a monetary theft punishment. States need stricter laws to deter animal theft which has the high potential to lead to abuse, neglect, and resale of animals based on the lack of laws supporting animal welfare.

Additionally, research supports that harm inflicted to animals has the potential to lead to abuse to humans. Gus died at the hands of his thief who received a minuscule sentence based on his "monetary value", but all companion animals who are stolen regardless of breed or cost deserve stricter laws supporting them.

Gus was so much more to our family than just a dog, he was a member of our family. Please sign the petition as we partner with organizations like the Animal Legal Defense Fund to advocate for changes in companion animal laws around the country.