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Support Senator Mac Harb-Help End Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt Permanently

Suppport Senator Mac Harb's Bill to End the Seal Slaughter

Closure of the international demand for seal products means that the end of the Canadian commercial seal slaughter is inevitable.

But we need to act now to save the tens of thousands of baby seals that are still killed every year with taxpayer-funded government subsidies.

We need you to voice your support for Senator Mac Harb's legislation to end the slaughter. Tell the Senate you support this forward-looking, compassionate and pragmatic initiative.

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Senator Mac Harb Senator Mac Harb
Help End Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt Permanently

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to please support the Harb Bill, to end Canada's seal hunt.

The hunt is inhumane and economically unviable. Canada's commercial seal hunt is unwanted by the majority of Canadians as well as other citizens around the world. The latest ban on the trade of seal-based products in Europe expands the growing list of countries that have either banned the trade of seal-based products or stated they intend to do so.

Seal products have been banned in the U.S. since 1972. It is time to stop the hideous and horrific killing of baby seals in Canada. The survival of seal pups is already in danger due to global climate issues, and the prospect of a hunt for the survivors is a sad commentary on a Canada.

Please use your influence to end this horror once and for all. Please support the Harb Bill.


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