Support Rural QLD and Bushfire Relief

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Bushfire season has only just started, and have been raging across Queensland destroying our beautiful forests and lands. We need to do something big and bold to support firefighters, and the people and wildlife affected by these devastating fires. 

In such a horrific time, we need to show some respect for those who’ve lost so much. In two weeks, the annual fireworks extravaganza Brisbane Riverfire will take place. It costs an astronomical amount of money - millions of dollars, in fact. All that money could instead be better spent supporting and rebuilding rural communities that are struggling to cope with the fires.

Out of respect for the hardworking firefighters and the families who have lost everything, a big fireworks spectacle like Riverfire should be put on hold this year. Instead, this money can be used to rejuvenate trees, rehabilitate the poor injured animals that have been rendered homeless in the fires. Rural communities need support for basic necessities such as water! We must unite as a country to help them and assist with these needs instead of spending money on one night at the Riverfire.

Please join me in supporting those affected by these terrible fires.