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Support programs like with government donations.

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      Non profit oganizations like, who's CEO Brian Menzies  is trying to help our nations people by giving them a way to get to work,school doctors visits etc... However, these organizations are limited as to what they can do. When they get a donation in a certain area the car or truck is then given to a person or family within the area who is in dire need of transportation. This has changed the lives of thousands of people enabling them to better provide for them selves and, helping independance become a reality.

     The problem is that the need far out weighs the amount of donations at their desposal to present to those in need. Used car dealerships are the main souece of donations and, with the economy issues the number of vehicles donated are dwendling. To make use of the transportation vehicles that government officals are no longer using would benifit the economy as well by allowing people to have transportation to work. It would be an ideal way of "recycling" the used cars. Then there are the cars that are seized buy law officials on a regular basis and auctioned out to the public many of these cars would also be great donations for needy people.

     Therefor I propose that rather than being sold at acutions or salvage yards that "out of service" governmental  cars and trucks as well as  government and, law inforcement seized vehicles be donated to nonprofit organizations such as

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I am sure that you are aware of the current economy problems facing Arizonians today. That we are all feeling the stress  the current financial crunch of the lay offs,limited employment availability as well as a lose in wages due to companies cutting back employment work hours.
   However some of the population are being even more devastated by the present financial status of the state than others.Those of us who were already considered  at or below poverty level such as; the disabled, victims of domestic violence, victims of natural disasters, the underemployed, single parents trying to make ends meet from one paycheck or child support check to another. For us it is beginning to become a hopeless situation.Trying to sustain a home with the rising cost out utilities and other living essentials barely being meet if at all. At this  point, having transportation problems can be crippling for a large majority of families.
    To most of us having our mode of transportation  give out is a breaking point with out funds for repairs. With no transportation to get back and forth from work or findemployment or for that matter to be able to seek out resources for assistance. Can only lead to job loss, lack of stability and, ultimately homelessness. This assurance is even more probable for those who do not reside within the city buss transit area.
     However there are  non profit organizations that are reaching out to help. For example with CEO,Brian Menzies have been accepting donated cars to disperse  to help those in dire need of transportation since 1996. FCC has come to the aid of thousands of families since that time. As with any nonprofit charity it depends the donations which it receives from used car dealerships and  caring individuals.
   With businesses also suffering from the economic crunch less of them are donating. To date none from Arizona have. It would be of great help if the local dealerships were to be offered some incentives  in return for their generosity to such charity organizations. It would also make a huge difference it the "out of service" government vehicles were to be donated to organizations such as Free Charity Cars. Org. I feel that this would be one of the best ways to "recycle" the vehicles while at the same time allowing those who are suffering to benefit.
     Before making your decision please view the clips of the people that FCC has already helped in order to get full clarity as to why this is an important issue to many individuals.


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