SUPPORT Pastor Wes Feltner & STOP progressive "ChurchToo" saboteurs!

SUPPORT Pastor Wes Feltner & STOP progressive "ChurchToo" saboteurs!

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CHRISTIANS: I went to Berean Baptist church, in Burnsville, Minnesota, on December 12, 2019 for a “townhall” meeting to hear the reasons that the Berean Church "Elders" are allowing two women from out-of-state in the progressive "ChurchToo" movement, whose stated goal is to EMPTY THE PEWS and replace scripture with progressive liberalism, to destroy our church and drive out our Senior Pastor, Wes Felter, with fake sex abuse charges from 19 years ago.

The "ChurchToo" movement was started in 2018 by a lesbian yoga instructor, named Emily Joy, with bipolar disorder, and HER STATED GOAL is to destroy the Evangelical church by accusing male Pastors of abuse. Two women from Indiana, who accused Pastor Wes Feltner of abuse from 2001, are PART OF THAT MOVEMENT and its followers in Minnesota are Democrat Elizabeth Warren political activists. This is UNCONTESTED. "ChurchToo" is phase 2 of Gloria Allred's "MeToo" movement - designed to destroy all conservative men & families in America. In other words, the same people who tried to take down President Trump & Judge Kavanaugh with phony abuse charges are trying to take down Pastor Wes.. 

This takedown has nothing to do with "abuse" – Pastor Feltner was dating two 18-year-old ADULT women when he was 22 years old, with their parents' permission! He later went on to marry another woman and have three children. Now he is being smeared as a pedophile & a predator, and was forced to resign because his wife and three children are receiving death threats, while the Elders take months to conduct an “investigation.” 

The real reason the “ChurchToo” movement is going after Pastor Feltner is because Berean Baptist is one of the fastest growing EVANGELICAL churches in the nation thanks to Pastor Feltner! In 2018, it was named one of the top 10 growing churches in America! One of the activists, who is a member of Berean's congregation, TOLD ME that Pastor Wes is TOO transphobic, too traditional and too biblical and they ARE OUT TO DESTROY him and one of the finest churches in Minnesota. 

President Trump announced last month that he and his team are working hard to register 25 million Evangelical Christians to vote for the 2020 election. The “ChurchToo” movement is motivated to fracture Evangelical support of Donald Trump before the election, particularly in states like Minnesota, and has exhorted its followers to take a stand against President Trump. Don't believe me? Here's their mantra:

“If you have doubts about your church’s overt or subtle white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and general toxicity, now is the time to leave and to do so publicly, in protest. You don’t have to stop being a Christian if you’re not able to embrace atheism, agnosticism, or some other form of none-dom. You don’t have to stop going to church (there are great progressive churches out there!). Are you going to sit there in silent complicity? Please don’t. Take a moral stand, and make yourself heard. #EmptyThePews”

One of the so-called accusers against Pastor Feltner, Meg Frey, is aligned with the progressive "ChurchToo" movement and started a non-profit website called "" to tell her sob story. She is on Twitter coordinating with dozens of other liberal activists to destroy Evangelical churches, and their Pastors, across the nation. Together, they are making lists of churches and pastors to target for take down and cheering each other on to make that happen. They LAUGHED when Pastor Wes resigned and blocked me for exposing their evil schemes.

These are NOT just confused kids, victims & good people who want to PROTECT the church for non-political reasons. Not on your life. These saboteurs are progressives, Satanists & atheists who are out to destroy ALL Evangelical churches in swing states before 2020 through their phony "ChurchToo" movement. Their movement uses the tagline: EMPTY THE PEWS.

STILL NOT CONVINCED? I signed up for the "ChurchToo" newsletter from its founder, Emily Joy. Here's how she described herself in her opening email:

"I bring all my identities to this space: my identities as a gay woman, a divorced woman, as an ex-evangelical, as a survivor, as a person living with bipolar disorder, as a friend and a partner, as someone who considers herself Christianity-adjacent but isn't quite sure where she fits, and more."

This is the kind of woman that the Elders at my church are ALLOWING TO INVADE AND POISON our sanctuary. Why? Have they gone mad?

As I said earlier, I went to the “townhall” meeting at Berean Baptist in Burnsville on December 12 to find out why.

Only 2 out of 12 elders were on stage and there was no Q & A as they promised -- it was a scripted performance. They called it a "townhall" but there was NO interaction. They called it a family meeting but they were the only ones allowed to speak. There were no recordings or questions allowed.

The Elder who spoke for the others, Craig Eiter, said he loved Pastor Wes and wanted to help him and his family "heal." He began by saying Berean Baptist is a church where it is OK to NOT be OK and that he himself is a sinner. I guess that doesn't apply to Pastor Wes! It's NOT OK for him to be NOT OK!

Eiter admitted that HE was on the committee who hired Pastor Wes Feltner in 2013 and has been an Elder at Berean for 13 years -- yet he said none of the Elders had ANY idea of these charges back then and did not find them when they did due diligence on Pastor Wes. According to the Star Tribune, that's not true.

The Star Tribune reported that the women allegedly told the Elders of this back then and they did nothing. Yet, Eiter kept saying they had no idea and it's not their fault. Right. Sounds to me like the Elders are trying to cover their butts and throw Pastor Wes under the bus to be politically correct and appease the "ChurchToo" progressive activists and a small posse of feminists within Berean who want Wes' head. 

When asked why we can't just forgive Pastor Wes and ask him back, Eiter said that Pastors, according to scripture, must be "above reproach" and that's why they are conducting an investigation of him dating two 18 year old women when he was 22 - with their parents' permission - 19 years ago! Well, if that's true, scripture also says that "Elders" or "overseers" must be "above reproach!"

1 Timothy 3: "If any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do. An overseer, then, must be above reproach."

If the Elders' due diligence was so sloppy in 2013 that they didn't uncover charges that they now say are so serious that they call for an investigation and removal of Pastor Wes because he's some kind of predator - then I say the Elders must be removed also. The Elders are the shepherds of the church and they must ALSO be "above reproach!" Goose and gander!

The Elder kept telling the audience that there are now 3600 congregants at Berean that must be protected and shepherded. He forgot to mention that is DOUBLE what it was when Pastor Wes arrived. In other words, Jesus brought Pastor Wes to Berean 6 years ago and he DOUBLED the church size after 50 years of slow growth. That's a miracle!

In my view, the 3600 congregants deserve a vote to decide whether Pastor Wes can stay or go -- the Elders have failed us! The people I talked to in the congregation want to forgive Pastor Wes and welcome him back. The Elders are standing in the way and helping Satan to destroy our church!

BTW, not only is the “ChurchToo” movement infiltrating our churches but so are “fake” Trump supporters. A woman named Laura Laird with the Facebook handle @RomanianMomma calls herself a Libertarian Christian "Woman For Trump" but is pushing the "ChurchToo" progressive movement as well. She is talking out of both sides of her mouth. Why? Here's an excerpt of what she wrote on Facebook:

"In my opinion, THE most egregious of all sex offenders are in the Christian church, evangelical and Catholic alike. The enemy is on the move. Predators are all alike. They groom, deceive, lie, take advantage. How are we to be an example to the world if we, the Body of Christ, doubt and question the victim and believe and blindly follow the abuser just because they happen to be "leaders." We need MORE people like my friends VONDA AND SCOTT DYER [of the ChurchToo movement!]"

Does she sound like a Christian conservative to you? Not on your life.

I also just found out that another woman, Natalie Hoffman, who is tied to the ChurchToo movement, went after Pastor Wes in May 2018 for a sermon she didn't like on divorce and is working to take down other Evangelical churches in Minnesota. She is working with the two accusers and has a team of activists. This is a cabal. The Elders were also aware of this and did nothing. 

Due to trolls like Laura & Natalie, Berean removed their Facebook page after it was inundated with malicious comments from "ChurchToo" activists and they have removed staff & Elders' names from their website so we can't contact them directly. This limits the ability of the congregation to talk to each other and share the truth! This is what EVIL has done to our church!  

There is a very real war in America. A spiritual battle between good and the evil forces trying to destroy our nation, our church, our children and our faith family.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”

The latest sabotage against Billy Graham & conservative Christians from the progressive editor of the fake news magazine "Christianity Today" should be enough proof of the very REAL ATTACKS going on against our Evangelical faith leaders.

STOP LETTING SATAN WIN! SUPPORT Pastor Wes Feltner & STOP progressive ChurchToo saboteurs!

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