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Support Our Constitution: Remove Judge Mason who Bails-Out Corporations, Censors Freedom of Speech

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Judge Mary Anne Mason Bails-Out Corporations, Censors Freedom of Speech, Persecutes the Innocent and Violates the Citizen Participation Act - by this, She Destroys Countless Lives.

Judge Mary Anne Mason declared that INNOCENT PEOPLE should be sent to Death Row.

In her opinion, it is “too burdensome” and “a waste of time” to evaluate evidence that can prove a person’s innocence. - Reported the Chicago Tribune.

Historically, half of the people executed are innocent. In Illinois, DNA testing found that 52% of death row inmates were innocent.

A study released on March 6, 2008 by the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center discovered that taxpayers have paid at least $37.2 million for each execution of an innocent person.

Corrupt Judges like Mary Anne Mason who deny justice and suppress evidence are the reason why so many innocent lives are lost from wrongful convictions and Due Process violations. Wrongful convictions of men and women in Illinois alone have cost taxpayers $214 million and have imprisoned innocent people for 926 years, according to a seven-month investigation published on June 18, 2011 by the Better Government Association and the Center on Wrongful Convictions based at Northwestern University School of Law. The full report entitled “A Tale of Lives Lost, Tax-Dollars Wasted and Justice Denied” can be read here:

The investigation determined that while 85 people were wrongfully incarcerated, the actual criminals were on a collective crime spree that caused 35 murders, 11 sexual assaults, 10 kidnappings and at least 62 other felonies.

In response to the wrongful conviction crisis that led Illinois to place a halt on executions and subsequently clear Death Row, the Illinois Legislature commissioned Northwestern University Law School's Roderick MacArthur Justice Center to lead an investigation intended to help correct severely flawed witness identification methods that were, in part, responsible for several wrongful convictions. However, Judge Mary Anne Mason has denied this investigation the right to proceed because, according to her, it would be "too burdensome" and "a waste of time" to evaluate evidence that can prove a person’s innocence and save a life. Instead of fulfilling her judicial duties Judge Mary Anne Mason willfully acted to obstruct justice and deprive innocent people of Life, Liberty and Property without Due Process of Law.

"This reminds us that what we call the justice system is often anything but just. Justice is lacking in our justice system not because of human frailties but because of the deliberate malfeasance of those we entrust to run the system" said Tommy Brewer, a former FBI agent.

For Judge Mary Anne Mason it is “too burdensome” (a phrase she routinely uses) to save the life of an innocent human being…

"I am 12 years old, I want to live long and enjoy my life. Please do not ruin it by exposing me unnecessarily to toxic chemicals".  

At this very moment, Judge Mary Anne Mason is throwing Chris (a disabled youth) into prison because he stood-up to corporate polluters.

No one responded to the plea of a 12 year old boy. His voice was silenced, his Constitutional freedoms abducted and his future stolen. He was an advocate of environmental protection and acted to expose the dangers of irresponsible pesticide use. For this, he was attacked. First - by a corrupt corporation, secondly - by a judge who violated the law (Mary Anne Mason). This is the petition for Chris - a boy who needs your help.

For many years Chris was forced to endure exposure to pesticides and other chemical substances by RRCCVA an Illinois corporation. In 2006, at age 14, Chris was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, an auto-immune disorder that is directly related to and aggravated by pesticide/chemical exposure.

The majority of diseases that plague humanity today including cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, ADHD, disorders of the immune system, hormone disruption, miscarriages, birth defects, etc. are all rooted in a polluted environment. Children are especially vulnerable to chemical exposure.

Citizen advocates who raise their voices in the name of the people, justice and liberty are routinely silenced by corrupt organizations. As a result, the Citizen Participation Act was passed to protect free speech from unlawful censorship and intimidation.

However, judges like Mary Anne Mason, who should uphold the law and safeguard the People's rights, endorse their corporate clients while expressing hostility and prejudice against freedom fighters.

Consistently, in all her rulings, Judge Mary Anne Mason has been unwilling to protect and enforce the People's rights and liberties. Moreover, she has displayed a prejudice against justice itself. She is prejudiced not only against Chris in the present case, but against all those fighting for justice, equality and the greater good of this world and mankind. Instead of protecting the guaranteed rights of the People of America, she unlawfully, has enforced the false privileges of corrupt organizations.

Chris was the victim of a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation filed against him as retribution intended to "chill" and "silence" his outspoken, beneficial public awareness campaign regarding the detrimental health consequences of irresponsible pesticide use.

A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics/protestors by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

Chris is being sued for tens of thousands of dollars because he stood-up to corporate polluters and acted to ensure that no other people would need to suffer the same type of environmental crimes that were committed against him.

Our legal system is being used to protect corporate interests at the expense of honest Americans. Judges are being sold to highest bidder:

The RRCCVA bought the support of a notoriously corrupt judge – Mary Anne Mason – who abused her power, violated human health rights, undermined the Constitution, denied Freedom of Speech, Right to Petition and Freedom of Assembly.

At this very moment, Judge Mason is in the process of throwing Chris into prison and seizing his home.

If someone somewhere does not intervene on Chris's behalf, he will be forced out of his house and imprisoned as a disabled wrongfully convicted individual - who's only crime was exercising his Constitutional Rights whereby protecting people and the environment.

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Let your voice be heard for Chris's sake, and for the support of all others in uphill battles against our "injustice system". Act as a protector of the defenseless. Be the voice of change.

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