Support Non-Toxic Pest Management in Miami Shores

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It is time to reconsider how we keep our village green!  The same toxic chemical pesticides that eliminate pesky bugs and weeds can have adverse effects on the health of our children and pets, and contaminate our groundwater.  Many of these pesticides kill pollinators such as butterflies and honeybees along with the pests they are intended to eliminate.  Effective, non-toxic pest management methods exist and are being used throughout the United States, from San Francisco and Pittsburgh to our neighbors in North Miami.  

If you agree with the statements below, please sign our petition:

·      I support pest management practices that are safe for children and pets.

·      I support using pest management practices that do not harm pollinators (birds, butterflies, bees, etc.).

·      I support pest management practices that do not contaminate ground water.

·      I support using non-toxic pest management in Miami Shores

·      I support limiting the use of pesticides containing toxic chemicals in Miami Shores so that they may be used only as a last resort. 

I would like the Village of Miami Shores to do the following: 

1.    Investigate alternatives to toxic pesticides in public spaces maintained by the Village of Miami Shores including, but not limited to the Tot Lot, Community Center, Aquatic Center, Athletic Fields, the Dog Park and Parks within Village boundaries, as well as at the Golf Course.

2.    Follow expert guidance to transition Miami Shores pest management practices toward non-toxic pest management. 

3.    Take steps to ensure that the Village of Miami Shores will continue to prioritize the well-being of its most at-risk populations (children, pets and pollinators) in future pest control policies.