Support Monrovia Foothill Blvd Tree Initiative

Support Monrovia Foothill Blvd Tree Initiative

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Grow Monrovia started this petition to Council members of the city of Monrovia and

Starting this Fall, Grow Monrovia is offering free shade trees (including planting) to any resident or commercial property owner along Foothill Blvd who would like to contribute to a more walkable and environmentally conscious city.

Foothill Blvd is an important walkway and thoroughfare for the City. This Fall Grow Monrovia will plant shade trees along Foothill Blvd to counter increasing temperatures, improve the air quality, increase business viability and create more walkable spaces for residents. Trees provide enormous value to us and to our environment that more than justify the small investment of planting, watering, and tree pruning. Trees reduce energy consumption, decrease traffic speed & noise pollution, provide habitat for local wildlife, conserve storm water runoff, and improve water quality. Planting more trees will add to the preservation of our city’s character and charm.

While Grow Monrovia will cover the costs for trees planted on private properties along Foothill Blvd, we are requesting that the City of Monrovia cover costs for trees planted in existing public parkways. Where there are no existing parkways but sidewalk space is over 9 feet wide, we would like the City of Monrovia to make 4’x 4’ cutouts in the walkway to create plantable spaces for trees. The potential cost’s are as follows;

-Total Trees (24” box)    183 ($350) =  $64050

-Total Tree Wells            115 ($420) = $48300

-Costs for a project manager/certified arborist to oversee the project

(tree cost includes tree, planting, soil amendments and watering for the establishment period)


On November 5 2020, residents of Monrovia voted to approve Measure K, the Keep Monrovia Revenues Local Sales Tax Measure. Measure K will ensure new sales tax revenues stay here in Monrovia to be reinvested into the community. Measure K will generate an estimated $4.5 million / year in additional sales tax revenues for the City. A portion of Measure K funds have been allocated for community services. We would like this project to be funded with these funds.

Grow Monrovia is a resident-fueled nonprofit organization working for the betterment of the city of Monrovia. Since December of 2020, We have planted over 250 shade trees in and around Monrovia. As long-time residents of Monrovia, we have seen the impact of the depletion of shade trees in the City. Grow Monrovia would like to be a part of the solution.



This is not a petition but a way for supporters to voice their support for this initiative. Please leave your name and a comment about the initiative if you agree with the statement below. 

I support the Foothill initiative to plant shade trees along Foothill Blvd and the use of measure K funds to support the costs for this project.


**Comments are important, if you have trouble submitting a comment please email your comment to Please do NOT donate money on this is simply to track resident support. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!