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Petitioning Governor Snyder & Michigan Legislature

Support Michigan's Electric Vehicle Revolution


Watch this video to learn what decision-makers can do to maximize the electric car revolution's benefits for the state of Michigan. Then, sign the petition below to add your name to our Electric Vehicle petition, which urges Governor Snyder and our legislature to promote policies that support our emerging EV industry.


Letter to
Governor Snyder & Michigan Legislature
We, the undersigned, therefore urge Governor Rick Snyder and the state Legislature to support the success of Michigan's emerging electric car industry by:

Supporting U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow's proposed legislation that would allow electric vehicle buyers to receive a direct rebate instead of a tax credit;
Encouraging the state and other fleet vehicle purchasers to lease or buy electric vehicles;
Providing financial incentives for the installation of public and workplace charging stations for electric vehicles;
Implementing clean fuel standards that require an increasing percentage of electricity and other alternative fuels for powering vehicles within Michigan.

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