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Support Mark Lovelace's Appointment to the Coastal Commission

Governor Jerry Brown will soon appoint the North Coast region representative to the Coastal Commission.  Tell the Governor to appoint Supervisor Mark Lovelace.

The Coastal Commission is our most powerful ally for protecting our precious  coast.  But it only protects the coast when the commissioners want to protect it. As a long time advocate on important local land use, development and environmental issues, as Humboldt County's representative on PG&E's Wave Connect wave energy project and implementation of Klamath Dams removal project and as an appointee on many other important coastal working groups, Mark is uniquely qualified to protect our coast.

Sign this petition to tell the Governor to appoint Mark Lovelace to the Coastal Commission.

Letter to
State Senator Noreen Evans
State Representative Brian Dahle
California Governor
Mark Lovelace is uniquely qualified to serve on the Coastal Commission.

As County Supervisor Mark has established himself as a leader on important statewide issues. He serves on the CSAC Board of Directors and co-chairs CSAC’s Coastal Counties Regional Association. He is actively involved in CSAC’s State Budget Reform Taskforce and the Williamson Act Working Group. Mark was recently chosen to serve on the West Coast task force for developing study and monitoring protocols for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy projects.

Prior to being elected, Mark worked for many years as an advocate on important local land use, development and environmental issues. He brings more than 10 years experience working with a long list of State and Federal agencies, and understands complex regulatory issues. He has the ability to work through mountains of documents and distill them down to their most significant points. He is objective and thorough in his research and consistently reaches well-thought-out conclusions based upon data.

I encourage you to appoint Mark Lovelace to the Coastal Commission.

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