Support Legal Action on 9/11--At Last!

Support Legal Action on 9/11--At Last!

March 10, 2017
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Why this petition matters

We, the undersigned, call upon the Attorney General of the United States to convene a Special Grand Jury to conduct a comprehensive  investigation of all aspects of the events of September 11, 2001, to review evidence of criminal conduct, to prosecute anyone for whom probable cause is found,  and to allow public interest law firms and other interested parties such as the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry to participate as intervenors in the process of discovery and presentation of evidence.   

9/11 was the most consequential event of our time, with global repercussions almost too far reaching to comprehend.  9/11 has been used as the justification for invasions of countries throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. These invasions have resulted in catastrophic destabilization of entire regions and cultures including the worst refugee crisis since WWII. [1]

The 9/11 Commission investigation reluctantly agreed to by the Bush Administration in 2001-2 has been challenged by many independent investigators, and severely criticized by its chairmen, its staff, and the family members who lobbied for it.  In the meantime, a vast expansion of governmental powers and war-making activity around the world has relied upon that investigation to catapult us into a “Post-Constitutional Era” of American history. 

Although fifteen years have passed, the whitewash of 9/11 is very much with us today.  In ways that look very much like destabilization projects our government has carried out in other nations like Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Iraq[2], the press and other civil institutions appear to have been subtly corrupted into remaining silent in the face of obvious questions.   Professional associations have stifled discussion of basic questions about the collapse of the World Trade Center raised by distinguished members.  Academic journals rejected articles and threatened dissenters[3].  Building codes were left unrevised after three high-rise steel structures collapsed, for the first time in history, all on the same day—one without having been hit by a plane.  Military officials responsible for protecting the nation against terrorist hijackings were promoted, not disciplined for their failures.[4]   Prior and subsequent intelligence links to Al Qaeda went unpublicized[5].

9/11 was a milestone in the history of governmental fake news and fake science.

The public was indoctrinated to shun skeptics of the official narrative; news commentators who repeated false intelligence about 9/11, WMD in Iraq and Al Qaida/Saddam links have retained their pre-eminence.  When political currents brought the opposition into power, allegations of torture, war crimes, and illegal surveillance by the outgoing administration, done in the name of the War on Terror and 9/11, went uninvestigated or unprosecuted.  With public outcry muted by the media, the government has proceeded to spend $2 trillion[6] to avenge the presumed acts of nineteen terrorists; and the American death toll resulting from 9/11 increased by 4,488 in Iraq and 2,350 in Afghanistan (52,318 wounded).[7] 

The suppression of questions about the official version of 9/11 has deepened mistrust and contributed to today’s political instability.  A cleansing investigation of possible wrongdoing, going far beyond where the 9/11 Commission was allowed to go, is more necessary than ever if America is ever to regain not only its moral compass and self-respect, but also its institutional capacity for democratic governance.

The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is a newly –formed tax-exempt nonprofit public interest law firm, currently raising funds to support a program of investigation, litigation and advocacy for an independent investigation of 9/11.  It seeks to bring before judicial scrutiny the best scientific evidence regarding 9/11, its origins, and its effects, most if not all of which has never been examined by a court, largely because of waivers of rights signed by families who received indemnity payments from the government.  It co-sponsored the 2016 “Justice In Focus” Symposium in New York City, at which a panel of distinguished attorneys led by noted public interest litigator Daniel Sheehan heard testimony from architects, engineers, and first responders on matters contradicting the official version of 9/11.    Please take time to listen to the presentations at  The Committee has developed a number of legal strategies in pursuit of 9/11 accountability, which it will implement as resources are developed to do so.

The Committee’s Director of Litigation wrote a legal brief which was distributed to key Congressional representatives and helped them obtain the release of the much-discussed 28 Pages of a redacted 9/11 report.  More recently, it has won an unprecedented ruling by a federal judge that may permit limited discovery—the taking of depositions by certain federal officials who have withheld documents from Freedom of Information Act release.    Such depositions may generate important new evidence to submit to a Grand Jury.

The Justice in Focus panels provided convincing evidence to challenge the official version that planes alone, without pre-placed explosives, destroyed World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7.  The Lawyers’ Committee intends to bring such civil actions if the government’s response to this petition is unsatisfactory.  The Committee intends to continue cooperating closely with other respected 9/11 advocacy organizations, such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Truth Action Project. 

The veil of secrecy that has been placed over the events of 9/11 cannot be justified in a free society.  If we allow it to remain in place, and succumb to the blandishments of those who would take our freedom in the name of protecting us, we may soon end up neither safe nor free.

For more information please visit:

Lawyers’ Committee for 911 Inquiry:

911 Truth Action Project

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

[1] See video of John Perkins, noted author, speaking about the connection between 9/11 and current issues:

 [2]  See Douglas Valentine, The Phoenix Program, and     Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team,
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[5] Ian Sinclair, Alternet, Feb. 16, 2017, “Why is the media ignoring leaked government documents about Syria?”,

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Signatures: 11,077Next Goal: 15,000
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