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Support Kenneth Webster and Bambi! Free the deer to her family!

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Thank you for supporting this petition! I do not know Kenneth Webster, but it is obvious that deer loves him. Why else would she travel 50 miles to return home? It seems that is it okay to kill a deer, but not have one as a 'pet.' Yet, people can trap wild hogs and keep them until they are fat enough to kill for food. Someone posted on the WKRG facebook page, how Mr. Webster has raised the deer from a baby. We don't know how he got the deer, but we do know that it is tame enough to be hand fed and will return home again and again. To the game warden(s), do you really find this necessary to remove Bambi from a loving environment? There are other things you could be out there doing like removing dead animals from the roads, stopping dog/cock fighting in rural areas, or poaching. This is the one time you really need to back off.

Again, to the supporters, I am new at this and I thank you for your support of Kenneth Webster and Bambi!!! Please share the petition!



VIA WKRG News 5 (Mobile, Alabama) - TONIGHT Only on WKRG News 5: One man's fight to keep his pet deer. Bambi was taken away from Kenneth Webster last week. He couldn't believe it when he learned that Bambi had escaped, and made the 50 mile journey back home to him! It's illegal to own deer as pets - and the game warden says they'll be forced to take it again.

Via April - this is My parents neighbor an when Bambi came home she was scratched all up an hurt!!!It was so sad. If they take her she will probably be killed who to say she will make it this time :( they should leave her alone she is better taken care of than most pets.. All the neighborhood kids come to see her an pet her.. I HOPE HE KEEPS BAMBI!!!!!!!! He should be given a permit or something so he can.




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