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Support Jaffa Theater and freedom of artistic expression in Israel

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Israeli creativity, which all of you boast about in your diplomatic tours, members of the government, this creativity will continue to exist and glorify Israel, many years after history has forgotten you.”

The representatives of the guilds of creators and artists and of various art and culture institutions met at Jaffa theatre, to jointly study and analyze the repercussions and the significance of the edicts that were decreed against the Israeli art and culture scene. They expressed solidarity with Jaffa Theatre and called upon the government to desist the abuse and persecution of all the cultural institutions and artists who are constantly harassed because of their artistic activities.

The representatives also called upon the government to stop their attempts to act against the funding by the Ministry of Culture of creators, artists, institutions and cultural organizations, exerting pressure on the Attorney General, the Ministry of Justice, and the Finance Minister. It is the government’s duty to guard and guarantee artistic expression and creation, as is appropriate in a democratic and enlightened state.

Israeli culture, Israeli artists and creators, Israeli art and culture organizations and institutions, are the country’s best ambassadors. Performing, screening and exhibiting at the most prestigious venues abroad receiving high praise and awards.

The right for culture is an essential basic social right, which grants everybody the opportunity to be part of the artistic creation, as well as the right of access to cultural activity in all its varieties. All this artistic and cultural wealth, exist despite the insistent and recurring attacks by the government and its proponents. The creators and artists of all the various aspects of the marvelous and original Israeli culture, have established the fundamentals on which generations of children and young adults are educated.

*All the Israeli guilds, unions and cultural institutions have signed the petition.

Culture is the memory of a nation its collective consciousness, its historical continuity, and the way it thinks and lives. Milan Kundera

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