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Support Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities in NH

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House Finance Committee Considering Cutting at Least
7,500 Children and Adults from Mental Health Services   


Please sign this petition and share it with anyone you know so that children, adults and families with Behavioral Health issues can continue to receive the necessary support they need to be successful contributors to their communities.  This is an opportunity to make your voice heard to the NH Senate Finance Committee about potential changes to the NH budget.  Including (but not limited to) proposed changes being made to Developmental Disabilities, Education, and Mental Health.


he Governor’s proposed budget looks to:



Close the G unit at New Hampshire Hospital (NHH),


Change the payment system for Mental Health Centers;

Reduce in the number of Community Mental Health Centers from ten to seven;

Cut 6% from the rate paid for Case Management and cut an additional 5% across the CMHCs

Cut 5% from Peer Support Agencies and NAMI

Privatize the state operated Transitional Housing programs on the grounds of NHH;

The budget reductions proposed by DHHS to the House Finance, Division III further looks to cut funding by the following:

Cap caseloads at the current level (essentially cutting off all new intakes);

Reduce the number of adults eligible for services by 42%  

Reduce the number of children eligible for services by 46%.

This will cut 7,500 New Hampshire citizens from receiving valuable mental health services. 

Stop all voluntary admissions to NHH;

Limit admissions to NHH to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (no after hours or weekend admits);

Limit Emergency Services   (which cover all residents of New Hampshire, not just eligible BBH clients) to M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Change the currnet Administrative Rule to establush waiting lists for mental health services

Reduce funding for Referral Education and Assistance Program (REAP).

Many other areas will also be cut or elimintated, including services to people with Developmental Disabilities,Elders and the Homeless; Substance Abuse Services; Community Health Centers; Legal Aid and Wellness and Prevention

 While the Governor’s budget is harsh and will greatly affect services, the budget reductions proposed to the House Finance, Division III will have a profound and lasting adverse affect on the ability to provide drastically needed services to some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens. 

What can you do right now?  Sign this petition and then call, email, or write your legislators NOW to let them know your thoughts on the proposed budget and how it will impact your family and community.



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