SUPPORT Independence Trail & Crater St IMPROVEMENTS *STOP Road Realignment!*

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Upon information and belief, the city of Charlotte has made a decision to move forward on the use of the CIP funds originally intended for the Pierson Drive Extension and Independence Road Frontage without Oakhurst, Amity Gardens and surrounding neighborhoods’ knowledge, input or permission on projects that are largely unknown to us. We, the Oakhurst Community Neighborhood Association along with our neighbors want the City of Charlotte and CDOT to spend the money allotted to the (now defunct) Pierson Drive Extension and Independence Boulevard Frontage Projects as well as the Monroe Rd Streetscape and Independence South Bikeway funds as follows:

- We fully and completely support INDEPENDENCE TRAIL for biking and walking as opposed to the disjointed Bikeway Plan the city presented to us.  We envision Independence Trail as a connected bicycle/pedestrian commuter trail from Chantilly Neighborhood Park to McMullen Creek (and eventually want to see it expanded to Wallace Mason Park and McAlpine Greenway) linking with Briar Creek Greenway with a Trail at Pierson Drive connecting us to the other side of Independence Blvd and a link to the future McMullen Creek Greenway.

- Sustain Charlotte/Bicycle Advisory Committee listened to our request to create an excellent route using existing bridge and tunnel. ( The trail proposed would connect neighborhoods including Elizabeth, Chantilly, Echo Hills, Oakhurst, Amity Gardens, and MoRA.

- We fully and completely support the purchase by the city of the private portion of Crater Street.  This is the number one road project that can improve Oakhurst. We want the city to purchase it, remove the onerous and damaging speed bumps and improve it, as is, without any realignment of the McAlway intersection.

- We resoundingly and completely reject the Shade Valley/Commodore Street Alignment Project.  The result will unnecessarily eliminate commercial buildings and do nothing to improve our community and there are already 5 traffic signals within this one mile stretch of Monroe Road. Furthermore it is a part of the Pierson Drive Extension which we have rejected and we feel that this construction would open things up for the city to force the Pierson Drive Extension on us again.

- We resoundingly and completely reject ANY expenditure of the Pierson Drive Extension and Independence Boulevard Frontage Project on ANY project that has not been presented to us and vetted by us.

- We appreciate the Monroe Road Streetscape Plan.  However bicycle lanes are not practical or safe on Monroe Road; In many spots the land between buildings and the street is too narrow for a full streetscape without harming existing and beloved businesses; and We are opposed to the use of eminent domain (unless desired by an owner).  We would like the city to work with us and the affected businesses on a LITE version on the streetscape with No Bike Lanes in these areas.

- We fully and completely support an acceleration of the timeline for the funding and building of the Lynx Silver Line Light Rail without waiting for other lines like the Red Line as the Monroe Road corridor relies heavily on public transportation, is changing rapidly and Light Rail is highly desirable to our residents.

We are OAKhurst and we fully and completely support any measure to restore our trees and oaks that have been lost to age, disease and infill development.  We would especially like for the trees that were taken down on Monroe at Oakhurst STEAM Academy to be replaced – preferably with oaks.