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Support immigration reform by first prosecuting illegal AZ, etc., laws

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Support immigration reform by first prosecuting illegal AZ, etc., laws; don't fall for the remocrat supposed Christian conspiracies bait and bite off more than you can chew before 10-10.  We are a nation of immigrants. Over 10 million immigrants currently live in our country illegally. Most were attracted by low-wage jobs unwanted by U.S. citizens in agriculture and service industries. With few exceptions they live responsibly, raising families and paying taxes just as legal residents do. Although they are accused of draining American health and education resources, comprehensive studies show that undocumented aliens contribute as much as they take from the national economy. Still, they are unable to live normal lives and make their full contribution to society. Costly attempts to stop illegal immigration are failing, and it is time to consider alternatives. For the good of our nation and in fairness to immigrants, Washington must set clear guidelines, quotas and policies regarding people from other countries who live and work in the United States, and who want to become U.S. citizens. I urge the White House and Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform as proposed in HR 4321, with changes. Of course, only if it provides full amnesty to all non-criminal immigrants, doesn't require a fake time period of repatriation to their 'land of origin', before hand (for, they'll only be allowed back if they're remocrats), if there isn't some kind of exhorbinant fee for the process, doesn't break up families, etc..


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