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Support H.R. 1143; To amend title 18, United States Code, Chapter 303

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(1) The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, enacted in
2004 and later amended by the Law Enforcement Officers Safety
Act Improvements Act of 2010, gives law enforcement officers,
including Bureau of Prisons (BOP) employees, the right to carry
a concealed firearm in all fifty States for self-protection.

(2) The intent of the law is to allow law enforcement
officers to protect themselves while off duty.

(3) Correctional officers in the BOP have been the targets
of assaults, robbery and murder while off duty. Most BOP facilities are in remote, rural areas where their is spotty or even no cell phone coverage. Roads traveled, are in wooded areas on rural back country or dirt roads and where there isn't a house or business for miles; not to mention little or no street lights. Some of these areas are home to gov't hate groups such as: sovereign citizens and others. BOP Officers attend an academy and receive firearms training and annual training in firearms as any other law enforcement agency. In on duty status we carry several types of agency issued firearms while patrolling bureau property or when escorting inmates to local hospitals or other institutions.

(4) While  the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act and most state laws allows law enforcement officers to carry firearms off duty; the BOP does not allow staff to bring their personal firearms on the grounds of most BOP facilities when commuting to and from work.

(5) The BOP does allow officers to carry firearms to and from work and even have arranged storage at some BOP facilities, but they do not reasonably explain why they allow some BOP staff to carry on BOP property while others are not.

Note: As per current federal laws, the Warden has the authority to authorize or refuse to allow various types of items inc


luding firearms to be brought on institutional grounds.

(a) In General.--Chapter 303 of title 18, United States Code, should be
amended by adding at the end the following:

``Sec. 4049. Secure firearms storage on prison grounds
``The Director of the Bureau of Prisons or designee shall ensure that each BOP facility provides a secure firearms storage area for use by all
persons employed by the Bureau who are authorized to
carry firearms or allow BOP employees authorized to carry a firearm to
store their firearm in a Bureau-approved vehicle lockbox.

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