Support Graham Parks Grant Phase 2

Support Graham Parks Grant Phase 2

July 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Laura Taylor

The city of Graham is in the final stages for a 2nd grant application to be submitted on August 1, 2022 for Phase 2 of the local parks grant project that includes continuation improvements to both parks (see update for phase 1 below - IT’S COMING but no timeline of completion has been given yet).

Help show Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. YOUR support by signing our petition for phase 2. The more community support shown, the more points we receive on the grant, hence increasing our chances of receiving continuation funding!  Public support goes a long way to show Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. that we care about the future of Graham parks & recreation.


History of grant phases 1 & 2:

The City’s local park grant application (from 2020) was approved by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) in May 2021.  The $1,000,000 project is being funded in part with National Park Service (NPS) funds which required a federal level review.  This did not start until the state funding was approved (after May 2021) and has been ongoing since then.  In June, we were told that the only item remaining for the federal review is Indian Tribal Consultation. This is something the NPS undertakes for environmental clearance.  The City has no control over this process, but we expect this to be completed soon.

Once the NPS funding is approved, TPWD will release us (Graham Park Board) to design the project.  The local parks grant project is a 50/50 grant/local match program, and there is also a separate trails grant, a $250,000 project with an 80/20 (grant/local) match.  This project is under environmental review as well and we expect that to be completed soon (we have no firm date from TPWD).

Fireman’s Park Updates:

New ADA compliant, multi-age playground equipment
Dog Park
Restroom upgrades at both existing restrooms
Disc Golf Course Expansion
Lighting Upgrades
New trails along both sides of Salt Creek where there are currently no improved trails
Rehab of deteriorated sections of existing trail
A crossing of Highway 61 at Salt Creek
New trail around the soccer fields  

New Park (BRA Property) Creation:

Pavilion at the entrance
Entryway archway
Disc Golf

The Graham Parks board is excited to see the phase 1 changes start coming to life soon. We recognize it has been a long road, but feel confident that our decision making to extend the funds the furthest possible will prove successful for betterment of the community overall. 

Thank you for supporting the petition for phase 2!

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Signatures: 217Next Goal: 500
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