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Support Free Speech for Border Patrol Agents


In September of 2009, border patrol agent Bryan Gonzalez was fired for expressing his views on drug legalization to a fellow agent. Earlier that year, Gonzalez had told a colleague that "legalization of drugs would end the drug war and related violence in Mexico," adding that "the drug problems in America were due to American demand for drugs supplied by Mexico."

His letter of termination stated his comments were "contrary to the core characteristics of Border Patrol Agents, which are patriotism, dedication, and esprit de corps." 

At no point did Bryan say that he wouldn't enforce the laws he swore to uphold; he merely discussed the impact that these laws have.

As a former U.S. border patrol agent and a board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, I started this petition to support the free speech rights of border patrol agents like Bryan Gonzalez. Federal law enforcement officials should not lose their jobs for exercising their First Amendment rights. These men and women are on the frontlines and we should respect their insight, not punish them for it. 

Please sign this petition and tell Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Acting CBP Commissioner David Aguilar that a policy needs to be put in place that affirms the First Amendment rights of federal law enforcement officials like Bryan Gonzalez.  

Read more about Bryan's story in this New York Times piece

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