Support for Passing Julie's Bill in Wisconsin

Support for Passing Julie's Bill in Wisconsin

April 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Julie Valadez

Sign to show your support as we draft, introduce, and pass Julie's Bill in Wisconsin which would implement the federally passed KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE FROM FAMILY VIOLENCE laws into Wisconsin which includes addressing training on domestic abuse, use of experts in domestic abuse cases, keeping children with their safe, protective, primary attachment figure, and using evidence based research and methods in Wisconsin courtrooms. 
Updating domestic abuse definition to include all aspects of coercive control. 

Please sign to show your support to pass Julie's Bill in Wisconsin to implement the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which now includes federally passed laws to keep children safe from family violence (Kayden's Law) 

Julie Valadez is a domestic abuse survivor with four amazing kids with special needs. After years in an abusive marriage when her ex was arrested for domestic abuse and removed from the home for their safety, Julie knew that she needed to get her and her children protected from the escalating abuse as they were no longer safe in the same home as the domestic abuser. Julie was granted a domestic abuse restraining order and had a family court order stipulated for her sole custody and supervised visits for the children with the domestic abuser every other weekend. 

Then court corruption and misconduct violated Julie and her children's rights and the laws to protect them resulting in the court unlawfully giving the abuser sole custody and increasing time for the children with the abuser to the extreme action of unlawfully and unconstitutionally prohibiting the children's contact with their mother the safe, protective, and primary caregiver and attachment figure. While awaiting appeal as Julie reported all the unlawful behaviors including the judge's unlawful orders regarding money with the attorneys, the judge began one of the worst cases of retaliation as everyone knew his bias and retaliation was to the point he would not stop his harassment of Julie until he found a way to put her in jail. This resulted in emergency intervention by the Wisconsin appellate court and ultimately four reversals in the appellate court of unlawful jail sentences by the judge and his ultimate removal from the case. 

When Julie's appeal of the custody and placement orders won in the Wisconsin appellate court reversing the custody and placement orders as being unlawful, it set precedence for all survivors in Wisconsin.

Yet the court still refuses to comply with Wisconsin law and the appellate court order to this day and Julie and her children are still subject to violations of their rights under the constitution of the United States and in violation of United Nations Human rights. 

This extreme case has caught attention of the country and has gone around the world. 

While Julie's story is unique it is not uncommon. She has made it her mission to be a voice for the thousands of Wisconsin abuse survivors facing unlawful orders all over Wisconsin who are threatened and afraid to speak up. 

Julie has started Wisconsin Women for Change as a survivor lead advocacy organization with other survivors to see Change. This includes passing Julie's Bill in Wisconsin. 

Please sign and help us get these needed reforms in Wisconsin. When it comes to domestic abuse people's lives are at stake. Justice Grogan from the appellate court stated: 

In December 2021, this court reversed a judgment that Julie Valadez appealed in June 2020. We reversed the circuit court’s May 2020 judgment because it was unlawful. It was unlawful because that circuit court
did not follow WIS. STAT. § 767.41(2)(d)1 (2019-20)2—a law our legislature enacted to protect victims of domestic violence and their children. Subsection (2)(d)1 says: “it is detrimental to the child and contrary to the best interest of the child to award joint or sole legal custody” when
“the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that a party has engaged in a pattern ... of domestic abuse.”3 Id. (emphasis added). We also reversed the May 2020 judgment because the circuit court did not even mention WIS. STAT. § 767.41(5)(bm), which says a circuit court shall
make “the safety and well-being of the child and the safety of the parent who was the victim of the ... abuse” “the paramount concerns in determining legal custody and period of physical placement” if it found a pattern of domestic abuse.4 “Domestic violence is a serious and invisible problem.” “Data shows that 28,729 incidents of domestic abuse were reported to
Wisconsin law enforcement agencies in 2012, and the problem is not abating. In 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, 73 people lost their lives in domestic violence-related homicide cases in Wisconsin.” “In 2018, Wisconsin law enforcement agencies reported 30,999 incidents of domestic violence, resulting in 21,960 arrests.” “In 2019, there were 52 domestic partner homicides in Wisconsin.” Statistics do not include the many incidents that go unreported.

Sign to support needed change for Wisconsin and for the vision of a Wisconsin where every survivor of abuse is protected under the law to be free and safe.

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Signatures: 300Next Goal: 500
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