Support Experienced, Inclusive Candidates and Fight Right-Wing Takeover of Our Schools

Support Experienced, Inclusive Candidates and Fight Right-Wing Takeover of Our Schools

October 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Friends & Neighbors –

Our local school board races are critical this year. They are currently facing an organized right-wing takeover attempt. We’re asking for your help to elect candidates who have a long history of dedication to our students, schools and community, and your support in getting the word out about the threat facing our school boards.

Elect Experienced, Inclusive Candidates

The following candidates are unified in their belief that academic, athletic, social and extracurricular excellence is a right for all of our children. They have a long track record of success working with schools, students, teachers and administrators, and will help make sure Lamorinda stays a destination district for our schools.

Please elect: 

Join us in voting for and spreading the word about these candidates who will protect and move our schools forward!

Reject the Right-Wing Takeover Attempt

In contrast, there is an effort by conservatives to take control of school boards across the country. Two slates running for our school boards are trying to do just that by gaining majority rule. If they are elected, it would undo much of the great work done so far to make our schools great for all students.

Please help defeat:

  • Renee Nowac, Gabe Ledeen & Mark Woolway for Acalanes Governing Board
  • Sarah Lind, Robb McSorley & Niels Larsen for Lafayette School Board
  • Lisa Disbrow for Contra Costa County Board of Education - Area 2

These slates have been clear about their intentions. In 2021, their campaign manager posted a message saying that they have a “unique opportunity for Lafayette in that both boards have quorums coming up for election.” On their campaign website, Mark Woolway states: “We have the rare opportunity to change the direction of our high schools for the better in one election cycle.”

There have been many red flags since their campaigns started: 

  • Robb McSorley and Renee Nowac have social media histories that include references to election denial, suggestions of violence against government employees, COVID and vaccine denial, and false claims about indoctrination and “grooming” in schools.
  • After the backlash against McSorley’s tweets, a statement was released on Niels Larsen’s behalf that he had decided to stop his campaign (though he remains on the ballot).
  • Mark Woolway has worked extensively with Peter Thiel and on former President Trump's transition team in 2016.
  • Gabe Ledeen is a contributor to the Federalist Society.
  • Both slates have received the majority of their donations from wealthy donors outside Lamorinda.
  • The slate running for AUHSD has received donations from well-known MAGA activists including Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. As of 10/7, their campaign filings showed over 90% of their donations coming from outside the district.
  • In their form 460 campaign filings on 10/4, the slate running for LAFSD claimed over $19,000 in unitemized payments, leaving no indication or clarity as to how their donor money is being spent.

Join us in supporting the candidates who will keep our schools great and getting the word out about the candidates who would take our schools backwards!


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Signatures: 579Next Goal: 1,000
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