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Support Chinese Legislation to Ban Shark Fins


China, Taiwan and Hong Kong account for 95% of the world's consumption of shark fins. A new proposal by a member of China's parliament seeks to ban the shark fin trade within China.

The ban is the first step in saving millions of sharks and preserving those that have been hunted nearly to extinction. 

The proposal faces controversy and opposition, as China considers the shark fin a delicacy and symbol of status. For centuries, it was considered to have special health benefits.

However, new research shows that shark fins not only are tasteless and offer no medical benefits, but they also can contain dangerous levels of mercury. 

Through education and word of mouth, many members of the public are choosing not to eat shark fins. However, the proposal must pass in order to save our ocean's top predators.

Tell the National People's Congress of China to support the proposal to ban shark fins.

Photo credit: Laszlo Ilyes


Letter to
National People's Congress of China
I applaud Ding Liguo's proposal to ban the shark fin trade in China and urge you to support the proposal.

Every year, millions of sharks are hunted for their fins. Once the fins are harvested, the sharks are simply thrown back into the water to die slowly. The practice of shark finning is not only cruel, but it is also unsustainable.

Nearly 30 species of sharks have been hunted for their fins to the brink of extinction. The loss of a top predator could devastate the ocean's fragile ecosystem.

While once thought to provide valuable health benefits, new research shows that shark fins offer little in regards to medical and nutritional value. Furthermore, it has been found that shark fins contain dangerous levels of mercury and can even be considered a health risk.

As a lawmaker, I hope you will use your power to help save these crucial marine animals and set a positive example for the rest of the world to follow.

Thank you.

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