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Whether body modification is something you have strong feelings about or not, this case touches upon the issue of supporting professionals, consent, peoples rights to feel comfortable and happy in their own bodies & discrimination...

For those of you in the Tattoo & Body Modification community I am sure you will be familiar and most likely be friendly with Mac 'Dr. Evil' Maccarthy.

Today it has been been publicised that Mac owner of Punctured Body Piercing & Modification in Wolverhampton. Has appeared in court accused of 'counts of causing serious injury relating to consensual piercing and body modifying'. The charges are in fact Grievous Bodily Harm without intent & Wounding with intent. Meaning section 18 & section 20 offences.

It must be made clear that the charges & case were NOT instigated by the individual who received the body modifications in question, as they are completely happy with the way the procedure was conducted & the outcome.  None of Mac's customers have made a complaint. The charges were instigated by a third party, which can not be commented on at this stage of the case. 

Alongside supporting Mac, there is another important issue to raise. There is a growing call for body modifications in the UK. Considering they have been an important part of culture all the over the world for thousands of years, it would be wrong to allow it to die out or more worryingly go underground in the UK.

  We need to stand together and show that both modified individuals & professional modification specialists wish to have legislation put in place & up held in the UK so both customer & specialist can feel safe & supported. 

I am just so sad & angry that someone as professional, moral & caring as Mac is being pursued in this way. A large percentage of Mac's procedures are reconstructive, allowing people into military & emergancy service careers. It also stops people seeking reconstructions from burdening the already stressed NHS. 

Along with running his own studio, he also organises and runs local Tattoo Convention Halloween Tattoo Bash. Which gathers together quality tattooists, artists & independent retailers from all over the UK. Each year he organises a charity raffle at the convention, raising thousands of pounds for local charity's such as Wolverhampton Homeless Outreach & The Haven, a charity and shelter for women & children who are victims of domestic violence. 

It seems these days with studios & 'home studios' popping up everywhere, run by people with little knowledge or health registration. Surely we can stand together to support professionals who conduct their specialisms on consenting individuals in a knowledgable, skilful & hygienic manner.  

Please sign to show your support for Mac and for the right to express ourselves in whatever modified manner we wish in a safe environment.

Because Barbie & Ken aren't everyone's idea of beautiful. 

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